_DSC4818This band takes you on a trip to the pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans. The music is a melting pot of influences and styles from ‘The Big Easy’: powerful gospel and soul vocals, mixed with second-line grooves, bluesy piano licks, funky horn riffs and haunting voodoo rhythms, with a lot of room on top for improvisation. It is a personal and contemporary interpretation of the inexhaustibly musical heritage from New Orleans.
Yves Peeters Gumbo toured in Belgium with JazzLab Series (May ‘15), played at the Jazz in’t Park festival in Ghent (September ‘15) and recorded their first album The Big Easy Revisited, which is released February ‘16 on De Werf Records.

line-up: François Vaiana (vocals), Bruce James (piano & vocals), Nicolas Kummert (tenor sax), Dree Peremans (trombone), Nicolas Thys/Axel Gilain (bass), Yves Peeters (drums)


YVESPEETERSYves Peeters Group is brought together March 2007 by drummer Yves Peeters. After a series of concerts in jazz clubs and festivals at home and abroad, including Jazz in ‘t Park (Ghent, Belgium) and Bamako Jazz Festival (Mali), the band tours with Jazzlab Series in 2010. Their debut album ‘Sound Tracks’ is released the same year on De Werf Records and is enthusiastically received by press and public. In 2012, the band starts working together with visual artist Joop Pareyn on the creation of Hallucinations, an audiovisual performance they start touring with in spring 2013. The music Yves Peeters Group composes for this project leads to the recording of their second album ‘All you see’, which is released March 2013 on cd and vinyl. The repertoire of Yves Peeters Group consists of original compositions by all band members and is characterized by a colorful mix of influences such as americana, rock and African music, with jazz as its basic ingredient.

line-up: Nicolas Kummert (tenor sax & vocals), Frederik Leroux (guitar), Yves Peeters (drums), Nicolas Thys (bass)



A songwriter’s adventure filled with innovative arrangements, laughter and energy. In trio setting or with horns and percussion, UTZ = Brazilian Rock Music Soup!

line-up: Renato Baccarat (vocals & guitar), Nyllo Canela (percussion), Thomas Champagne (alto sax), Alex Davidson (flute), Marc De Vreese (trumpet), Dorian Palos (bass), Yves Peeters (drums), Sebastien Van Hoey (trombone)

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6 horns & 1 drumset – catchy riffs & funky grooves – brass & jazz.

line-up: Rob Banken (alto sax), Mattias Decraene (tenor sax), Peter Delannoye (trombone), Berlinde Deman (tuba), Loïc Dumoulin (trumpet), Thomas Mayade (trumpet), Yves Peeters (drums)




Music inspired by great songwriters such as Nick Drake, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

line-up: Guillaume Vierset (guitar), Marine Horbaczewski (cello), Yannick Peeters (double bass), Yves Peeters (drums), Mathieu Robert (soprano sax)




An acoustic setting including vocals, acoustic guitar, double bass and percussion. Beautiful compositions by Peter Verhelst with Arabic and Spanish influences.

line-up: Peter Verhelst (acoustic guitar, Ud), Anneleen Boehme (double bass), Kimberly Dhondt (vocals), Yves Peeters (percussion)